We believe that children are active learners with a thirst for knowledge. They have the need to explore and make sense of the world around them. We must encourage their natural curiosity to construct their own knowledge.

We believe that children are strong and competent. They have an incredible capacity for problem solving and decision making. We must allow them to work independently and collaboratively so that those skills become more developed.

We believe that children have the “Hundred Languages” of learning. This means that there are many different ways for children to learn new things. We must ensure that our learning process is always adapted to meet the needs of diverse learners.

We believe that early learning and development are multi-dimensional. Children’s learning is integrated and occurs simultaneously across all domains, which are interrelated and interactive with one another. We must address all areas of child development when creating learning opportunities for them.


We combined the strengths of both the Montessori and the Reggio Emilia education principles to create an emergent, project-based curriculum that is progressive and child-centered. With a strong focus on practical learning, we provide a wealth of opportunities for children to explore and develop their creative and capable minds.

Our project-based approach offers children the opportunity to investigate topics that are relevant to their everyday life and experiences. It offers a myriad of ways to learn about different topics, depending on the interests and abilities of each child, and allows for meeting the needs of diverse learners. We aim to nurture independence and cultivate curiosity, while developing confidence and social skills.

Unlike traditional schools, our carefully curated environment plays a crucial role as the “third teacher” where children are provided with inspiration for learning. Our classrooms are designed to be interactive and inviting for the children to explore, while our playground is full of greenery to encourage children to experience nature.

Our team of qualified teachers are trained to facilitate children’s learning. They are co-learners and collaborators, and not just instructors. They work in partnership with the children, helping to guide their interests and imagination. They engage in activities alongside the children, instead of passively observing the child learning.

By taking this holistic approach to early childhood education, we believe that children can grow in all the important developmental areas and are set up for success in school and in life.


Our research-based objectives cover 9 areas of development and learning, including broad developmental areas, content areas, and English language acquisition. They inform every aspect of teaching, include predictors of school success, and are aligned with the New York State Pre-Kindergarten Foundation for the Common Corestandards.

  • Social-emotional
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Cognitive
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science and technology
  • Social studies
  • The Arts

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