Meet Our Team

    • Hazel Su Marlar

      Hazel Su Marlar began teaching in 2012 and became committed to teaching young learners in 2014. Her experience as a preschool teacher has helped her understand the behavior and psychology of the young minds and develop a patient approach towards children.

    • Khin Thandar Phyo

      Khin Thandar Phyo pursued her love for teaching when she started working as a teacher for preschoolers and young learners in 2009. Her passion for early childhood education grew immensely over the years. She believes that a warm, nurturing, and fun environment can support children’s learning and growth.

    • Anita Richard

      Anita discovered her love for teaching after having had a child of her own. In 2016, she pursued a career as a preschool teacher with the commitment to help every child grow and learn. She loves working with children.

    • Khin Saw Thu

      Khin Saw Thu is enthusiastic about early childhood education and began her career in 2016. Since joining the Central Park team, she is eager to make meaningful, personal connections with each of her students and their families.

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