Meet Our Team

    • Valentina @ Tina

      Tina began working as an early childhood educator in 2015. Her goal is to promote children’s critical thinking and problem solving skills through play. She strongly believes that robust social skills are essential for children’s growth, learning, and future success.

    • Naw Maria Mukapaw

      Maria started working as a volunteer teacher in Mogok in 2013. Over the past 7 years, her greatest joy is sharing her experiences with the children and learning alongside them. She aspires to help children become independent and confident.

    • Aye Nyein Phyu @ Phoo Phoo

      Aye Nyein Phyu @ Phoo Phoo has worked as a part-time elementary teacher and a home tutor since 2012. Having come from a family of educators, Phoo has a great admiration for early childhood education, linguistics and social work.

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